About us

We are a worldwide mission-minded organization with a massive vision. 

To know Christ and make Him known.
To reveal and demonstrate
His love and power to the world.

We love to go where no one will go
and to love those that no one will love.

Some of the things we do:

Miracles and healings

In the church and in the streets, we have seen Jesus heal tens of thousands of people (many have been doctor-verified). We are currently witnessing 90-100% instantly healed of every sickness and disease! Regarding those who did not see the full manifestation instantly, we usually receive many reports of the miracles later.

(The paralyzed man in the picture walked after we prayed, and later, we received a video of him running and jumping with his children, completely healed. Visit us our Facebook page or Instagram for more testimonies of current miracles that Jesus is doing!)

For the church

Revival & Reformation

We give leadership, equip, and prepare the church and entire cities for transformational revival and to host the presence of God.

We’re called to restore and reform the church according to Jesus’ original intention.

Equipping the body

We do Conferences & Training (healing, deliverance, pastors, leadership, youth, children, prophecy, discipleship etc).

We establish SOZO Centers. We also minister and train people in inner healing and deliverance.

We train churches in prophetic worship and prayer.

Houses of Prayer

We train and establish 24/7 Houses of Prayer in the nations.

(Picture: new House of Prayer we helped to establish in Guatemala City – Oct 2022)

For the world


Hundreds of thousands have received Christ in the nations of the earth through the ministry.

Reaching the poor

We reach orphans, widows and the poorest of the earth – we have a vision for 1 million orphans and widows. 

To release justice; that injustice would no longer be common but rare in our society. The weaker the person, the greater the injustice, the higher our priority.