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To know Christ and make Him known, 
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His love and power to the world.

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Mark Baker founded ALMs over 20 years ago and we’ve seen incredible fruit in the nations. However, only recently the Lord has released us to share on social media. Because our site is new, there is much of what we do and content that we’ll still add.

Whats is revival

The church has desired, preached, and prayed for revival for many years. If you want to know what is the biblical definition of revival, its purpose, how it starts, and how revival is connected to our ministry mandate, click on the button below.

Miracles and healings

In the church and in the streets, we have seen Jesus heal tens of thousands of people (many have been doctor-verified). We are currently witnessing 90-100% instantly healed of every sickness and disease! Regarding those who did not see the full manifestation instantly, we usually receive many reports of the miracles later.

Do you want to have an

Learn about how to appropriate the finished work of the cross in your life and be free of fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, etc.

Our SOZO seminar is available for you to follow through with our free manual and learn how to help others!

Note: Our Copyright is that you are free to copy and distribute all our materials. We just ask that you don’t sell for a profit, but only cover your expenses.

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